Brinkely’s Story

Brinkley was a stray that had a collar embedded in her neck. She had surgery to remove the collar. As her neck began to heal, her breathing started to become very labored and she would make a wheezing sound after just minimal activity.

Brinkley was sent to a veterinarian to be checked for a possible medical condition, which might cause problems with breathing. She was sent to the Auburn Clinic. The breathing issue also stumped the veterinarians at Auburn.

The decision was made to do surgery on Brinkley. The surgeon was able to remove some of the scar tissue from the original surgery, which helped her with her breathing. Wayne Garner, one of our wonderful volunteers, fell in love with Brinkley. After a lot of deliberation, Wayne and his wife decided to adopt Brinkley. She is now known as Roxy.

Roxy now enjoys a comfortable and happy life in her new home.